National Mentoring Month: A Story 20 Years In The Making

In honor of National Mentoring Month, we want to share a particularly special story about the power of mentorship and how it can not only positively impact the life of a child, but how it can also lead to a lifelong relationship.

Former mentee, Lisa, has shared with us some insights and highlights about her 20 year long relationship with her mentor, Katy:

“My name is Lisa and as a child I received a mentor through the BBBS program…I had a very difficult childhood as my older sister struggled with drugs and alcohol. My parents were very busy and could see that I needed someone in my life.

 On January 31, 2003, I met my “Big” Katy. We had a blast – she took me out to dinner and window shopping at the mall. I remember how nice it was having someone pay attention to me for once. Four days later, my grandpa died unexpectedly, and Katy was right there by my side, no questions asked. Later that year, she took me on my first out-of-state trip to San Diego. We also enjoyed camping and hiking trips. 

 Katy was supportive and there for me my entire childhood. She was there when I graduated high school. She was also there when I gave birth to my son. We still keep in contact to this day, although she now lives in San Diego – her “happy place”.

 I am so thankful for the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and can’t imagine how my life would have turned out had Katy not been there for me.”

 Lisa and Katy’s story is truly inspiring and shows how much being there unconditionally for a child is important. When a child feels seen and heard, it makes all the difference for how they continue with life after childhood. Katy gave the gift of mentorship to Lisa; she was there consistently for Lisa’s milestones from childhood into adulthood and with that bond, they became family.

We hope their story encourages you to become a mentor during National Mentoring Month, so you too can empower potential. Contact [email protected] today to apply to become a mentor!

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