role of a mentor

What Is The Role Of A Mentor?

What Is The Role Of A Mentor?

Growing up is very difficult especially in today’s day and age. Young persons have to navigate the unprecedented complexities of socializing in the digital age. They have to determine what they want to do with the rest of their life and get through the difficult struggles of high school. All the while, they have to get to know who they are themselves and what they want out of this life.

These challenges are part of normal life and something everyone goes through. Many teenagers, young adults, and students struggle to overcome them. They may feel lost, lonely, and insecure about their own capabilities.

That’s where our mentors come in. At Big Brothers Big Sisters, we see the impact mentors have on students every single day. With each passing day, we see the long-term impact that mentorship has on people in our community.

Mentoring is not for everyone. However, for the people who are fit to be mentors, it can be a very rewarding experience. Are you curious about what it takes to be a mentor and the role a mentor plays in the lives of young persons? Keep reading below as we detail the role of a mentor Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Inland Northwest.

Mentors Should Give Valuable Life Advice

For many teenagers and high school students, life involves a lot of expectations without a ton of direction. They may be told they need to find their dream job without knowing how to figure out what it is. They need to get prep for their career but aren’t always told how to break into that career field. They may need to apply for scholarships but not know how to apply for scholarships or what to include in scholarship letters. They may not know if they even want to go to university at all. With so many questions and expectations, it’s easy for the students to flounder and not make any progress toward their goals.

As a mentor, you would provide advice, personal anecdotes, and useful info to help these students find direction. It’s also an opportunity for them to ask questions that they haven’t been able to ask their teachers. They may talk to you about how to break into a new industry or get prepared for some type of job or university. It also helps that we try to match students to mentors based on career interests and similar hobbies/goals, so each mentor will have some knowledge to share.

A Mentor Should Give A Listening Ear

The average class size in Washington public schools is about 25-30 students. As a result, teachers do not always have enough time to individually get to know each student and listen to their unique stories.

As a mentor, you would provide a listening ear to your student mentee and help them through this difficult time by simply listening. Listen to what they say their goals are as much as you listen to their struggles and weaknesses. For many of these students, having someone to talk to who hears them can make a world of difference.

Accountability Is An Important Part Of Mentoring

With school sizes ranging from a few hundred students to a few thousand students, individual students can get lost in a sea of people. They may not receive the 1-1 attention they need for meeting each of their goals. As a mentor, you would exchange weekly emails with the students about their progress and meet with them in person on a monthly basis. During these conversations, you’ll discuss their short-term and long-term goals and the important milestones they need to achieve.

Become A Mentor With Big Brothers Big Sisters of The Inland Northwest

Our mentoring programs are a chance to make a meaningful difference in the lives of Spokane children. Becoming a mentor not only helps make a difference in the lives of local children but it can also be a fulfilling experience. This experience gives you the opportunity to help shape and positively influence a child’s future.

Make a BIG difference tod

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Inland Northwest is a 501C3 organization. Our mission is to create and support one-to-one mentoring relationships that ignite the power and promise of youth.

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