Mentoring Makes For Brighter Futures

Benefits of mentoring programs in general 

Mentoring programs are among the most effective tools available for guidance, education, and training. Mentees in one-to-one mentoring programs stand to gain many of the same benefits provided by mentorships, including:

  • An empowering setting for achieving personal growth and development
  • Guidance on identifying and achieving career goals
  • Assistance with identifying and correcting skills and knowledge deficiencies
  • A support system for gaining confidence
  • Guidance on developing and maintaining a comprehensive overview of career options and opportunities
  • Personal access to an experienced and more knowledgeable resource person

All these benefits could continue to provide advantages to the mentee long after the program is completed. In a study of mentoring commissioned by the Equality Challenge Unit (ECU), it was found that mentees generally have better chances for career advancement and higher promotion rates than other employees. Most also had higher salaries and were more productive and effective at time management in general.

Shantay Legans, former men’s basketball coach at EWU (and current men’s basketball coach at the University of Portland) attributed his success to his mentoring experience with his Big during  BBBS of the Inland Northwest’s Bowl For Kids Sake 2020 Livestream:

“I wasn’t a very good kid, growing up. He showed me a lot of things I could do well and be successful at…I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without him.”

Shantay and his Big still stay in touch today, nearly 30 years after their match had been closed. His testimony is a powerful reminder of how impactful one-to-one mentoring is for our youth.

One-to-one mentoring is undeniably a more effective system for in-depth guidance and instruction, particularly when the mentor and mentee have mutual respect and high regard for each other.

Here at Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Inland Northwest, we are committed to creating and supporting quality matches that foster respect and growth, so we know our Littles’ futures will be brighter for having known their Big.

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