Lunch Buddies Program

What is “Lunch Buddies”?
Lunch Buddies serves students in grades K-5 and provides mentors a fun and convenient option to make a big difference in a child’s life. Providing your student a positive, reliable, and consistent presence is what these relationships are all about!

How does Lunch Buddies work?
Have you ever wanted to be a mentor, but thought you may be too busy? Well, our Lunch Buddies program could be for you! Be matched with a child in grades K-5 and spend a lunch time once a week with them at their school . Professional support by our case managers can be provided once a month, or more if necessary.

What is the time commitment for mentors?
Lunch Buddies only takes 30-50 minutes once a week. That is 2-3.5 hours per month!

Which schools host the Lunch Buddies program?
Lidgerwood, Logan, Stevens

All elementary schools in the Lake Pend Oreille School District

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To apply to become a mentor, contact joinus@nwbigs.org