Big Brothers Big Sisters Month 2022

September is Big Brothers Big Sisters Month! Big Brothers Big Sisters Month recognizes the critical importance of mentoring relationships. Mentoring is more than volunteering your time, it is making a positive, lifelong difference in a child’s life.

Why Mentoring Matters:

Did you know that one in three kids in America are growing up without a positive role model and a growing number have one or more family members in jail, prison, on parole or on probation?

At BBBS of the Inland Northwest we understand that not all of Spokane’s youth start off with the same resources, networks, and opportunities as the equity gap in the United States continues to widen. We know firsthand that mentorship helps serve as a conduit between people and possibilities.

We have continuously evolved our approach over more than a century, resulting in a proven model of one-to-one mentorship that contributes to improving our lives and our community as a whole.

Here are some examples of how mentoring makes a BIG difference for the kids in our programs:

• 96% of Littles are confident they can say no to drugs, violence and skipping school.
• 84% of Littles have better grades, academic goals and confidence.
• 95% of Littles feel like they belong.
• 92% of Littles report confidence in completing their schoolwork.
• 94% of Littles feel like they have a special adult in their life that they can turn to.
• 83% of Littles plan to graduate high school and college.

What can you do to help? 

  1. Share the #BBBSMonth messaging from our social media channels. Our focus will be on recruiting volunteers, supporters, and parents into our programs.
  2. Donate to BBBS INW. When you donate online to Big Brothers Big Sisters, you join our cause and directly support children in our community. No matter how little or big the amount, donating can start making a difference in the lives of young people around you.
  3. Become a mentor! To apply to become a mentor, email [email protected]

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