What is MentorU?

MentorU is a Big Brothers Big Sisters high school mentoring program focused on career and college preparation. MentorU provides screened and trained volunteer mentors for students facing academic and personal challenges and is intended to keep students on track for graduation and success. All mentoring relationships and events are supervised by Big Brothers Big Sisters staff.

What is MentorU’s Mission?

MentorU’s mission is to help high school students develop personal, academic and career skills by providing each student with a volunteer mentor with experience in a variety of areas. The MentorU class and the mentors will also offer students extra opportunities and resources regarding career exploration, college admission guidance, and future planning.

How does MentorU work?

MentorU matches every student with volunteer adult mentors, based on shared career and/or personal interests. Students have MentorU class time once a week in which they complete a weekly lesson and communicate with their mentors through guided prompts. Students and mentors discuss various topics in their weekly messages, which may include skills such as perseverance, critical thinking, self-advocacy and goal setting. Other areas include college preparation, career goals, and planning for the future. They will also work on: creating and updating students’ High School & Beyond Plan, researching career options and networking opportunities, college options, college admissions, and applying to colleges when the time comes. Staff review communications within the system to facilitate additional relationship coaching.

What is the time commitment?

We are asking our volunteer mentors to make a minimum one year commitment. All mentoring relationships and events are supervised by Big Brothers Big Sisters staff.

MentorU students and their mentors get to know each other in-person at 6-8 required events with MentorU and High School staff present. These events are scheduled in advance and will take place on a weekday evening from 4:30pm to 6:00pm at school.

Please contact Ken Shelton at kshelton@nwbigs.org or (509) 328-8312 ext.214 with any questions.