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Mentoring Helps Families: Part 2

In our last blog, we talked about how mentoring helps families by teaching mentees life skills that can directly help in the home. In this installment we will look into how one-to-one youth mentoring helps the family dynamic via youth gaining self-esteem and avoiding risky behaviors. Often kids have a

Mentoring Makes For Brighter Futures

Benefits of mentoring programs in general  Mentoring programs are among the most effective tools available for guidance, education, and training. Mentees in one-to-one mentoring programs stand to gain many of the same benefits provided by mentorships, including: An empowering setting for achieving personal growth and development Guidance on identifying and

What Does A Mentor Do?

What Does A Mentor Do? Youth mentors play a remarkably important role in a young person's life. Adult mentors provide support and stability for children that may not have either of those at home. During younger years a child's development is crucial. Having a positive role model in their

What Makes A Great Mentor?

What Makes A Great Mentor It’s no secret that mentorship can make a profound difference in the lives of high school students. Whether it's volunteering as a 1-1 Big Brother Big Sister match or visiting local high schoolers in the MentorU program, getting involved helps students and the community.

How To Become A Youth Mentor

How To Become A Youth Mentor At Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Inland Northwest, we are always looking for people who want to make a positive impact on a child’s life. Mentors have a profound impact on the youth they mentor. Children having a mentor helps them experience

Why is Mentoring Important for Kids

Why is Mentoring Important for Kids? In the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, we find mentors to help our community's youth develop into happy, resilient persons who fulfill their human potential. Mentoring kids helps them experience new things, develop emotionally, avoid negative behaviors, and achieve lifelong success. Keep reading

Match Story: Marvin and Kasey

Match Story: Marvin and Kasey Marvin (Big Brother) and Kasey (Little Brother) have been matched for three years. Marvin is a testament to the positive power and influence of one-to-one mentoring. This relationship has been transformative for Kasey in every aspect of his life, altering the trajectory his life was on. Kasey has made huge strides socially, emotionally, and

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